An affordable dental plan that works for you.

Get the smile you always wanted for prices you never thought possible. With the Smiles Forever Plan, you can receive quality dental services at a fraction of the cost for yourself and your family! Membership plans starts at just $79.00/year. 



Did you know that a dental discount plan is better than traditional dental insurance in many ways? It actually works very much like belonging to a warehouse club. To get started, you purchase the plan for an annual fee and then you get free preventive care and access to dramatically lowered rates on corrective dentistry.  Traditional dental insurance has lots of paperwork, caps and limits, and confusing limitations.

Smiles Forever Plans are virtually paperwork free! 

Our affordable plans to fit all budgets for every need.  You'll save up to 60% on your next visit.

We currently have providers in Spring Hill, Winter Haven, and Orlando Florida. We're adding more all the time!

These quality providers have agreed to charge reduced fees on the dental services you need. Your family can get the quality care you need at a fraction of the price. Affordable dental care for your family with no insurance -- SMILES FOREVER PLAN makes it possible.


*Up to family of 6, each additional child is $25.00 each.
**Monthly statements will not be sent to Smiles Forever Plan members. Smiles Forever reserves the right to modify or cancel the plan at any time. Any service not listed in this brochure will be discounted 20% off the regular fee schedule. Members must keep their regular gum cleaning recall in order for their plan membership to be in good standing. Payment in full is expected at time of service to keep membership active. Disclosures: THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace health insurance. This plan is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. THIS IS NOT A MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN. The plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. Plan members are obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount medical plan organization. You may access a list of participating health care providers at this website. Upon request the plan will make available a written list of participating health care providers. Discount Dental Plan Organization and administrator: Invest Health, LLC. 8810 Commodity Circle, Suite 25, Orlando, FL 32819. The plan and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service by providers or the quality of service rendered by providers. This plan is currently available only in Florida. THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT.